The discussion started on a rather dark note about a crisis in the world and Czech architecture, however, the recognised master of architecture Martin Rajniš was soon filled with pleasure to meet two young creators who brought back his trust that architecture is in good hands.

The topic of discussion is beauty in architecture and how its essence is a logically and smartly designed house that must be user-friendly.

Martin Rajniš experiences emotions over the concept of the glass wall on the Louny swimming hall by dkarchitekti as a “little kid”. He understands the relationship between inside - warm and outside - cold very well.

The talk goes about the beauty of women, aesthetic taste and that buildings must appeal at first sight.

Creating quality architecture depends on the quality of relationship with a client, on a similar view of the world. The budget size is not important.

Besides a pleasant chat of three architects, big thanks goes to Michaela Hergetová, who was a wonderful host after a long workday.